The MESA Idea Accelerator project is an 8-week long course that will engage students in developing solutions to societal problems using a human centered design process. The course culminates with a pitch presentation that will be judged by industry members. Through this course we want to develop and inspire MESA students to be visionary entrepreneurs.

The course is open to all MESA students in good academic standing. Space is limited! Scholarships will be given out to all team leads, teams that complete the project, and the top three projects! Up to $500 dollars available for the top team.

To get a feel for the program check out 2021 syllabus or the 2020 and 2021 final presentations.

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Want to know more? Here are some FAQs!

What time are classes held?

Classes are held in the evening to accommodate students schedules, usually 6pm. Each class is an hour long and completely online.

Should I apply even if I can’t attend every class?

You should! Do not let it deter you. We will be posting a recording of each class online, so as long as you are participating and active in discussions you can join.

How much work is involved?

In general, around 2-3 hours per week, & possibly more the closer you get to your final presentation. You will need to find a coach/mentor and form a team, and do some research for your prototype & that can take time. 

How are teams formed?

You form them! Just like in the real world we want students to pick and choose the best people for the job. We prefer you partner with teammates from your campus, but you are allowed to form your team from any MESA and non-MESA students.

Do all my team members need to attend class?

No, only team leaders, but team members are encouraged to watch the video lectures.

Do all my team members need to sign up?

Not all team members have to sign up for the classes.

Do all team members have to be in MESA?

Not at all! Team members do not have to be part of MESA

How much money will students be given?

All team leaders will receive $100 and their teams can receive an additional $100 and up to $300 for the top placing team.

More Q’s? Contact Brenda Salguero.