May 13, 2013
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Event Date: June 22-24, 2013


Markham Middle School Winners

Markham Middle School winners


After months of designing, creating and competing, teams from Edwin Markham Middle School and Los Angeles High School were named best in California at a prosthetic arm engineering contest.


The Markham and LA High teams beat hundreds of other middle and high school teams throughout the preliminary, regional and statewide contests. They move on to the MESA National Engineering Design Competition next month in Portland, Oregon.


LA High students are served by the MESA center at the University of California Los Angeles Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. Markham students are served by the MESA Chapman University/University of California Irvine center.


The Markham students are: Danae Tousant, Julio Romero, Ashley Baker and Jacqueline Sanchez. The LA High students are: Jun Jang, Charis Laylo, Mi Hya Myung and Jasmin Salazar.


The competition requires a team of students to develop a prosthetic device to complete pre-defined tasks. The focus on bioengineering reflects MESA’s goal to involve students with the hottest science, engineering and technology areas. The project teaches students to understand design principles, implement problem-solving techniques and think like mechanical engineers.


The project is part of MESA Days, an annual showcase of students’ math and science know-how. Through MESA and MESA Day competitions, students can explore future careers in science, engineering and other technical fields.


Los Angeles High School Winners

Los Angeles High School winners


MESA is an academic preparation program that serves more than 28,000 California pre-college, community college and university students who are educationally disadvantaged.


For more information about the Markham students, contact Nicole Patterson at For more information about the LA High students, contact Enrique Ainsworth at or 310-206-1600.


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