2020 Virtual Student Leadership Conference


Nov 6th, Nov 13th, Nov 20 on Jumpstart, Zoom

The Student Leadership Conference (SLC) brings together engineering, computer science and other STEM undergraduate students with industry professionals to develop the next generation of diverse leaders. These MESA leaders are the new face of STEM.

The conference is an opportunity for STEM students to develop “soft skills” necessary to successfully transition from college to professional careers. 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, MESA is adhering to health guidelines and will host our annual SLC virtually. With that in mind, we are working diligently to ensure the experience is as impactful for our students as ever before. In previous years, only 200 MESA students were invited to attend SLC. In 2020 we have opened up the virtual conference to allow all MESA community college and university students to attend!

During the conference students:

Explore career opportunities with corporate recruiting panels

Gain career skills with leadership sessions and workshops

Expand professional networks with MESA alumni panels

Develop interviewing skills with virtual mock interviews

Industry partners provide webinars, panels, conduct mock interviews and identify candidates for internship and full time STEM positions.


SLC Attendance

This year all MESA students who are members of MESA’s Jumpstart Community can attend. 

MESA computer science, engineering and other STEM undergraduate students

More than 30 MESA center directors from throughout the state


Support the Student Leadership Conference

Sponsorships include myriad opportunities for branding, student impact, talent recruitment and access to high caliber MESA students.

Sponsor benefits:

  • Diversify you company’s talent pipeline
  • Access future STEM leaders
  • Engage employees through a tangible opportunity for your company to give back
  • Catch the creative spark and energy of young scientists
  • Inspire and be inspired

For more information, view our SLC 2020 Sponsor Packet.

If you are interested in supporting the Student Leadership Conference, or to find out more information, please contact:

Mindy Rieger, Director of Development


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