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Spring/Summer 2011

MESA Webinars Give Students College Pointers, Information

In an effort to further strengthen the educational pipeline, MESA has begun to offer webinars to inform MESA students about the application and transfer process to 4-year colleges with MESA programs.

Through online teleconferencing technology, high school and community college students log on to interactive presentations by MESA college directors to learn about admissions, majors, scholarships, internships and campus resources.

The first sessions were held by San Diego State University, San Francisco State University and University of the Pacific. Each center held an hour-long session for high school and community college students separately. Parents are also encouraged to log on.

“This is an opportunity for MESA students to more easily navigate the educational pipeline by having the tools and resources to successfully make the next step towards earning a degree in a math-based major,” said Juanita Muñiz-Torres, MESA statewide director of programs.

“MESA is one of the leading programs in the nation, successfully supporting students along their educational paths,” she said. “This ensures they make it through key junctions on the road to degrees.”


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